CNC 3018 Pro MAX 3 Axis With Offline Control

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DIY CNC 3018 Pro MAX GRBL,3 Axis PCB Milling Machine,CNC Router Drill Engraving,CNC3018 Max With New Offline

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CNC 3018 Pro 3 Axis With Offline Control

Style3018 PRO MAX
Product Dimensions10.9 x 16.7 x 10.9 cm
Effective Engraving Area300 x 180 x 45mm(11.8 x 7.1 x 1.8”)
Item Weight6 kg
Step Motor1.3 A, 12V, 0.25 Nm torque (2.2 in-lb)
Rated power60W
Maximum power120W
SoftwearGRBL control systems/ Lasergrbl control systems

1.Designed for CNC: A great tool for entrance CNC. Able to carve text on daily materials easily. Great for those who are interested in CNC, helping you engrave the model efficiently.
2.GRBL Control: Latest control system different from other old conroller system which were no longer upgraded. No need for extra accessories. Just turn your computer into a CNC machine.
3.Offline Controller: Coming with offline controller for free, no need to connect to the computer. Just adjust X, Y, Z axis location spindle cooling fan as your wish manually.
4.Compatible with different laser modules of 2500mW, 5500mW, 7000mW, 10000mW(lasers not included), More than just a engraving machine but a laser engraver as well.
(Now we recommend the laser module (2500mW Blue Laser Module) produced by the original manufacturer: ID: 1386316
5.Wide Application: With manuals and software suitable for carve wood, plastic, acrylic, PCB CCL, soft metal like copper and aluminum and other materials, a great tool for CNC lover.
6.Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows 7 32/64 bits, Windows 8, Windows 10
7.Drill Bits: Tip 0.2 mm, 20 degrees, Diameter 3.175 mm

Packgae Included:
1 x Wood Engraving Machine Full Set (Unassembled Delivery)
1 x GRBL 3-Axis Control Board
1 x LCD Screen GRBL Controller
1 x USB Cable
1 x Cable for Spindle Connection

1 x SD Card
(Comes with plug adapter according to your country)
(Spindle Motor, Control Board, Z A xis Set, Stepper Motors, and other Assemble Parts are all included.)

Controller Specification:
USB Cable Length: 20cm
Firmware: GRBL 08, 09, 1.1 and so on
Input Voltage: DC 7V- 36V
Applicable CNC Router: 3 Axis CNC router 1610; 2418; 3018
This offline controller w/ controller board is designed for the use of Mini CNC router 1610/2418/3018 and even with more advanced function of tool set, limit switch supportive, Laser supportive; Offline and Bluetooth supportive.

1. Support GRBL and benbox firmware. Support CNC 3-axis laser engraving machine.
2. The stroke length isn’t limited to 30×18 and 24×18, it can be setting other length. Please set the stroke in the command.
For example
3018, please set the stroke in the command, 30cm length and 18cm width;
2418, please set the XY stroke in the command, length 24cm, width 18cm.

3-Axis GRBL Control Board
Output signal:
1: Fan: Used for shaft motor cooling
2: Shaft: Connect motor shaft, keep the same with power supply voltage, 5A electricity, if the motor power of the spindle is high, can connect external relays such as the switch. G code M3 open, M5 closed, with version 0.9 of the firmware can adjust PWM, achieve the speed of the axis governing and tunable laser
3: X axis motor signal output, A4988 max 1.5A electric current
4: Y-axis motor signal output, A4988 max 1.5A electric current
5: Z-axis motor signal output, A4988 max 1.5A electric current

Input Signal:
1: X-axis minimum limit X-
2: Y-axis minimum limit Y-
3: Z-axis minimum limit Z-
4: Reset button: press the button, system will restart, can be used for urgent stoping of machine

GRBL Off-line Controller
Press Z+ and Z- , the Z axis will move up and down.
Press X+ and X- , the X axis will move left and right.
Press Y+ and Y- , the Y axis will move Front and Back.
Press SPIN : Spindle on (Laser on ), Spindle off (laser off)
Press SMOD: return
Press Z+ for 5 seconds , change the Language to English.
SD Card: Included , you need a SD card reader to write into the root directory G-code files .
The Laser Interface is 3 pin on this control board. Only support 42 stepper motor


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