Koocu 852 Hot air Gun station

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Koocu 852 Synthetical Welding Gun 220V ,Hot air Gun station

Rapid warming, accurate and stabilized temperature.
Easy to operate: when the user grips the handle which has the sensor switch, the system will quickly enter the operating mode; when the user puts the handle back to the handle carrier, the system will automatically enter the standby mode.
Air gun with original air pump, strong air pressure, live longer.
Handle can use different types of nozzle that ensure anti-static, no leakage, no interference.
200 ~ 480 degrees Celsius temperature setting, suitable for all kinds of electric welding.
Combined in an integrated maintenance system in a variety of SMT soldering work of dismantling their outstanding performance and reasonable use of the work space.
Air gun, soldering iron can independently control , more savings, more convenient.
Automatic cooling function protects and extends the usage life of the system.
Brushless fan design, longer life, minimal noise.
Brand: Koocu
Model: 852
DC Output: 24V
Hot Gun power consumption: 650W
Hot Gun temperature control: 100-480°c
Hot Gun Frequency: 50-60Hz
Solder iron power consumption: 60W
Solder iron temperature control: 200-480°c
Solder iron Output voltage: 24V
1 Pcs Koocu 852 2 in 1 SMD SMT Hot Air Gun Solder Rework Station
2 Pcs Nozzel
1 Pcs Power Cable
1 Pcs Solder Iron
1 Pcs Iron holder
1 Pcs Manul Instruction


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