LCD 4884 Rocker Expansion Board

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The LCD 4884 expansion board take with Nokia 5110 LCD screen as it display, the SPI interface maximum save I / O resources. Add a five-way joystick particular to facilitate the realization of building human-computer interaction interfaces. This product is suitable for a variety of development boards and controllers, such as Arduino controller, STC microcontroller, AVR microcontroller.

Note: Please read the instructions carefully to drive plate, no electric! In order to avoid incorrect

connection driver board permanent damage. Please check the pin function instructions carefully,
pay attention to the concise identifier, correct connection! Don’t pick up the power cord to the,
resulting in electronics burned. Use Nokia 5110 LCD screen as display devices. SPI interface,
maximum limit save the I/O resources. Specially added five rocker, convenient implementation
structures, human-computer interaction interface, all the rest of the analog and digital interface
with pin derivation, easy to install sensors and other modules. This product is suitable for various
development board and controller, for example: the Arduino controller, on STC microcontroller,
AVR microcontroller, etc. Specifications: Product name: 1.65 “LCD4884 LCD rocker extension
board. Modle: RB-05L007. Working voltage: DC 5V. Product type: the Arduino expansion board.
Production process: FR4 double-sided tin. Humanization design: has the man-machine
interactive interface “five rocker”. Working temperature: 10 ℃ to 30 ℃. On-board resources:
DIGITAL: eight ANALOG IN: five 48 x 84 LCD: one, Five rocker button: one, system reset button:
one.Application method: first plug module directly to the Arduino controller, then use the USB
cable connect the controller to the computer. LCD4884 Joystick shields extension plate test, we
use the Arduino controller to do a test should use hardware equipment as follows: Arduino
controller x 1, LCD4884 Joystick Shield ×1, USB data line x 1. First plug module directly to the
Arduino controller, then use the USB cable connect the controller to the computer. This module
requires the Arduino version 1.0 or above. Add the library file is rear
compile,”LCD4884_Joystick_Shield_Demo” folder from the routine package copy to C: \
Program Files \ arduino – 1.0.1 \ libraries folder, open the Arduino software, File > Examples >
LCD4884_Joystick_Shield_Demo > LCD4884 Demo click the download button on the surface of
the software, a moment later, liquid crystal display.


Use ForFor Arduino,
Dimension(cm)(7 cm x 5.3 cm x 1.8 cm),
Net Weight(kg)0.026,


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