Oscilloscope Probe 60MHz

৳ 600.00

P6060 60MHz Oscilloscope Probes. These are the same probes supplied with Oscilloscopes. Very good quality and best price.


Description :

P6060 Oscilloscope 60MHz x1 x10 600V PKCATI BNC Clip Probes Clip Cable

Attenuation Ration : 1x/10x
Input Resistance : 1MΩ : 10MΩ
Input Capacitance : 1X: 85pF-135pF 10X: 18.5pF-22.5pF    16pF-20pF
Compensation Range : 15pF-45pF  10Pf-35pF

Bandwidth : 1X: DC-6MHz  10X: DC-20MHz   40MHz   60MHz   100MHz   150MHz   200MHz
Rise Time :   1X: ≤58ns   10X: ≤17.5ns   ≤8.75ns   ≤5.8ns  ≤ 3.5ns   ≤2.3ns   ≤1.75ns
Working Voltage : 1X: ≤300V DC    10X: ≤600V DC

Operating : -10℃—+50℃
Non-operating : -20℃–+75℃
Humidity :  ≤85% relative humidity
Cable Length : 120cm

Package Included :

1 x P6060 Oscilloscope Clips Probes


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