RF 433Mhz high quality Module

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Product Description:

High frequency wireless data transmission of high-quality super  receiver module. it used in Europe were the most advanced ultra-high frequency, low noise RF integrated circuits, there are anti-static protection and high reliability. it very easy pass the FCC/CE certification.
It is rolling code remote control,door control system, garage door as well as long distance transmission of choice.
it very stable and reliable,high sensitivity is widely used in a variety of interference,harsh environment applications.

Key Features
1). Sensitivity up to -107dBm,receiving distance is more than twice the normal receiver board
2). Reasonable receiver bandwidth, with strong co-channel rejection capability,strong anti-interference ability to adapt to various environments 3). Good distribution of radiation suppression,and easy through the FCC/CE
4). Good shielding,small influence of various installation environment performance of the module,and good consistency
5). Good local oscillator radiation suppression,can work with multiple modules (single income) and will not interfere with each other,does not affect the receiving distance
6). Using SAW LO,stable performance,wide temperature range
7). SCM direct interface,easy to implement (transfer rate up to 9.6Kbps)
8). Antenna module receivers a great effect,then the best 1/4 wavelength single copper wire
9). Antenna position also affected the reception of the module can be soldered directly to the antenna ANT interface can also be connected to the system via the ANT pin and then to the antenna,install the antenna stretched as far as possible,away from the shield,high pressure,and sources of interference

Product Application
1). Garage door wireless control system
2). Electric windows,barrier etc.
3). Industrial control, communications security etc. Fields
4). Low baud rate for data transmission

Electrical Characteristics
Condition: Ta=25°C Vcc=5.0V Frequency=433.92Mhz

CharacteristicsSymbol    Condition   ValueUnit
FrequencyFC 433.82433.92434.02MHz
Modulation Mode  ASK 
Receiver Sensitivity 1K Kbps /50 Ω -107 dBm
Data-rate   200 KHz
Start-up timeTon   9ms
CurrentIRC   9.6mA
Working Voltage  35.05.75V
Image Rejection 412.52MHz 20 dB

High Level


Low Level L

Working Temperature  -20 +85°C





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