STM8S208MB Development Board. (Special Edition)

৳ 6,500.00




Support functions:
* Core chip: STM8S208MB model;
* Support CH340G serial port to USB .
*  SWIM debug interface;
*  128M SPI Flash;
* Does not support EEPROM (mainly consider STM8S internal EEPROM, no need to repeat waste);
* support 24M external high-precision crystal, good crystal series;
*  RESET reset button, small system composition program ;
*supported 5V to 3.3V supply;
*supports an external key input;
* supports one of IO LED indicator;
* supporting the power LED and the like;
* 16-bit TFT LCD touch screen interface FPC interface can be used to expand the link, support GUI series development;
* lead all IO interfaces, easy to connect with the backplane, and support for expansion.

* TF (SD Card).

* Capacitive Touch.

* Joy stick.

* DS18B20.

*s Relay.

* 7 segment.

* I2C FM Chip

* MAX3232 Chip.

* LDR.

*TJA1050 Can Bus Chip.

* AT24L02







*IR Sensor


AND Many More.


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