5V 8 Channel Red Color Relay Module

৳ 700.00


5V 8 Channel Red Color Relay Module 

8 Channel 5V Relay Module with Optocoupler Isolation Supports High and Low Level Trigger Red Version

Product Features:
1. The use of genuine high-quality relay
2. Optocoupler isolation, drive ability, stable performance
3. Multi-operating voltage optional, multi-output optional
4. High and low starting mode can be set
5. Power supply, work dual indicator light
6. Input and output terminals for easy wiring

Product pin definition and function:
1. DC +: positive power supply (according to the relay operating voltage selection)
2. DC-: power supply ground
3. IN or INX: control signal input
4. NO or NOX: load access, normally open
5. COM or COMX: load access, common
6. NC or NCX: Load access, normally closed

Trigger Mode Configuration Description:

The module has a trigger level selection terminal, each relay trigger level can be individually controlled, through the short-circuit cap to control. COM side is common, in the middle;
When the LOW (L) terminal is connected to the common terminal, it is a low level trigger; when the HIGH (H) terminal is connected to the common terminal, it is a high level trigger.



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