6-axis flight controller with barometer brush motor FPV (SBUS/PPM)

৳ 1,400.00


  • F3 has a brush fly control default brush BF firmware
  • The INAV firmware is the air pressure fixed version of all parameters have been set.
  • SBUS/PPM support.
  • firmware Support BETA FLIGHT.
  • INAV Configuration.

BF firmware flight characteristics:

the joystick control speed is fast, the flight speed is fast, manual operation realizes aerobatics, and the self-stabilization high effect is not good. Suitable for old flying players.

INAV firmware flight characteristics:

air flight is stable, the forward tilt schedule is small, the direction flight is slow and stable, the joystick is slow to control, and the hovering is stable and does not float. Suitable for novice practice.


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