Capacitive Touch Switch TTP224

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TTP 224 4 Channel Digital Touch Sensor are compatible with all Arduino’s board. You can replace mechanical Button key.

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This is a 4 switch digital touch sensor with capacitive sense technology, the TTP 224 IC offers capacitive sense input feed designed for touch pad control, followed by 4- finger sized touch pad. The board has jumper’s arrangement to change the key press output mode in Timed or Toggle, Active High or Active Low. A separate jumpers adjustments are provided for changing the response time of the press key: 60mS fast mode or 160mS in Low power

The output side of the board has 6 pin headers, with 4 pins to be connected with the digital I/O of any microcontroller board (Arduino, ARM STM32). 4 status LED SMD type are provided for check the status of the each pressed key.

Sensing Technology Capacitive
Power 2.2 V –  5.5 V
Input Channel 4
Output Channel 4
Response Time 60mS fast mode or 160mS in Low power
Size 35 mm x 29 mm


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