Temperature Controller With Box W1209

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The W1209 is an incredibly low cost yet highly functional thermostat controller. With this module
you can intelligently control power to most types of electrical device based on the temperature
sensed by the included high accuracy NTC temperature sensor. Although this module has an
embedded microcontroller no programming knowledge is required. 3 tactile switches allow for
configuring various parameters including on & off trigger temperatures. The on board relay can
switch up to a maximum of 240V AC at 5A or 14V DC at 10A. The current temperature is displayed in
degrees Centigrade via its 3 digit seven segment display and the current relay state by an on board

Temperature Control Range: -50 ~ 110 C
Resolution at -9.9 to 99.9: 0.1 C
Resolution at all other temperatures: 1 C
Measurement Accuracy: 0.1 C
Control Accuracy: 0.1 C
Refresh Rate: 0.5 Seconds
Input Power (DC): 12V
Measuring Inputs: NTC (10K 0.5%)
Waterproof Sensor: 0.5M
Output: 1 Channel Relay Output, Capacity: 10A
Power Consumption
Static Current: <=35mA
Current: <=65mA
Environmental Requirements
Temperature: -10 ~ 60 C
Humidity: 20-85%
48mm x 40mm x 14mm
Settings Chart
Long press the “SET” button to activate the menu.
Code Description Range Default Value
P0 Heat C/H C
P1 Backlash Set 0.1-15 2
P2 Upper Limit 110 110
P3 Lower Limit -50 -50
P4 Correction -7.0 ~ 7.0 0
P5 Delay Start Time 0-10 mins 0
P6 High Temperature Alarm 0-110 OFF
Long pressing +- will reset all values to their default


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