Voltmeter & Ammeter

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DSN-VC288 DC 100V 50A Voltmeter Ammeter Blue + Red LED Amp Dual Digital Volt Meter



DSN-VC288 DC 100V 10A Voltmeter Ammeter Blue + Red LED Amp Dual Digital Volt Meter Gauge Voltage Current

Voltage measurement range: 0.0V-100V Max.
Current test range: 0-999mA, 0-10A, 0-50A, 0-100A (4range optional)
Power supply range: 4.5V ~ 24V
Working current: < 20mA
Voltage error: ±0.1%
Current error: ±1%
External shunt specifications: 75 milli volt
Refresh rate: 300mS
Display method: 2 by 3, 0.28 “7-Seg LED
Display colour: Red = V, Blue = A
Lead length: 15cm
Dimensions: L=48 x H=29 x T=22 mm
Mounting holes: 46 x 27 mm
Operating temperature: -10℃~65℃
1. Range of 10A or 100A of the table must be connected to the shunt to power, or will burn out.
Pins: 2. This section of the head power supply range is 4 ~ 24V (out of range will burn), the measurement
range is 0 ~ 100V max, such as the need for direct measurement of electric vehicles or solar systems
voltage and current, please use the following paragraph.
Dual display voltage and current meter.


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