PC817 4 Pin PhotoCoupler

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PC817 4 Pin PhotoCoupler

Manufacturer:Sharp Microelectronics
Product Category:Transistor Output Optocouplers
Package / Case:PDIP-4
Output Type:NPN Phototransistor
Number of Channels:1 Channel
If – Forward Current:50 mA
Maximum Collector Emitter Voltage:80 V
Maximum Collector Current:50 mA
Isolation Voltage:5000 Vrms
Maximum Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage:0.2 V
Vf – Forward Voltage:1.4 V
Vr – Reverse Voltage:6 V
Pd – Power Dissipation:200 mW
Maximum Operating Temperature:+ 100 C
Minimum Operating Temperature:- 30 C
Configuration:1 Channel
Height:3.5 mm
Length:4.58 mm
Width:6.5 mm
Brand:Sharp Microelectronics
Current Transfer Ratio:600 %
Fall Time:18 us
Rise Time:18 us


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